PRAGMATOR MANAGEMENT AB coaches, lectures and educates for performance and result, with focus on the essentials and energy application. From inspiration and motivation to willpower and execution in long terms.

All our activities are grounded in verified knowledge and evidence, applied methods and long experience with a pragmatic approach. Delivered with head, heart and humour.

Our strengths

  • Business coaching from motivation to willpower
  • Seminars and training in coaching leadership and approach
  • Training in personal, affective and selling presentation skills
  • Workshops in leadership, communication and teambuilding
  • Lectures for both inspiration and knowledge
  • Behavioural testes by DISC and Thomas PPA, Thomas TA and 360º

Unique for us

We are the only company in Sweden with license in volitio coaching, a unique method for goal focused using of the energy in long terms. Motivation is just the start, we need to activate our willpower, volition, for execution. Volitio is an ability that can be measured, developed and lead. In volition coaching we focus on owning the issue and its meaning, self confidence, mental capacity and all the resources in the environment. Factors that have a positive impact on the performance and well being.

All our training and lecturing can include an intercultural point of view just to be remind of the benefits in different management cultures.

We provide all this in Swedish, Finnish and English


”Excellent facilitator/teacher”.
”Very good indeed”.
”Many thanks to her effort and commitment for our learning”.
”Riitta is very professional”.
” To this setting the training was very well done. Teacher was able to match to the groups situation”.